p3what is a p3 project?

P3 is shorthand for public-private partnership. The term "P3 project" is used to describe a legally binding contractual agreement between a public-sector body, such as a government agency.


Benefitsof a p3 project

P3 projects allow both the public and private-sectors to do what they do best. This, in turn, increases the cost-effectiveness of projects, improves budget, certainty -- at least as far as the government is concerned.


overviewThe project

The purpose of the project is to provide freeway illumination to the traveling public for motorist visibility, traffic safety and personal security, and operate and maintain the illumination for an extended period of time.


Questionsand answers

What is a public-private partnership? It is known as a p3 or ppp in short speak. As an alternative delivery method of construction typically it involves a number of significant features. See more.


project Goals


Minimize the amount of energy consumed for illumination and minimize overall project costs by optimizing costs for D&C Works, lifecycle equipment replacements, operations and maintenance.


Minimize traffic impacts and delays while carrying out the project Operations; and minimize traffic impacts during operational and maintenance activities.


provide lighting systems that conform to acceptable engineering standards/guidelines for designing and building freeway lighting systems, provide lighting systems that minimize future maintenance cycling and provide high quality, reliable and safe lighting systems at project handback.


provide the traveling public and workers safe conditions during the project Term, provide and maintain illumination coverage and uniformity required to meet the requirements and standards. provide supports, fixtures and supporting infrastructure consistent with current MDOT, FHWA, and AASHTO safety practices, guidelines, policies, and Good Industry practices.

Design and Construction Details

D&C Works activities occur during the first two years of the Term, and address the design and implementation of the Improved Freeway lighting Systems. This will include the D&C of new lighting elements and also non‐lighting elements and will be coordinate with future work that MDOT will perform. The D&C Contractor is dually responsible for both the D&C Works and also the O&M Works to the existing infrastructure, as well as the new infrastructure.


operations & maintenance details

O&M Works starts November 24th 2015 when field installation begins on the D&C Works, whichever is earlier, and ends when Term ends. At Substantial Completion, the O&M Contractor will assume responsibility from the D&C Contractor for the O&M works for the duration of the Term. These activities provide the operation and maintenance needed to keep the Improved Freeway lighting System operating in accordance with the performance levels in the project Agreement. This includes preventative maintenance and lifecycle renovations as planned.