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Project Overview Design & Construction

Project Phase One: Design and Construction
The Highlights
  • The new lighting systems features these design innovations …
    • An astronomical clock used for light control, in lieu of photocells, for more precise, reliable lighting control and improved energy savings.
    • LED tunnel lights with 25 percent more lumen output reducing the actual number of tunnel lighting fixtures needed by 20 percent. Using high-efficiency LED fixtures increases energy savings.
    • Tamperproof covers on handholes, heavy concrete lids on pull boxes, continuous steel collars around frangible bases – all three of these innovations -- plus the use of aluminium cabling instead of more valuable metals – act as theft deterrents to help keep the new system safe and in good repair.
The Details
  • The contract between FLP and MDOT is 15-years-long with the work divided into two phases. The first two years are devoted to Design & Construction (D&C), and the remaining 13 years are dedicated to Operation & Maintenance (O&M).
  • The D&C phase, from August 2015 to August 2017 focused on designing and installing the improved freeway lighting system. This included the design and improvement of new lighting and non-lighting elements, along with new and existing infrastructure.
  • FLP began by conducting an extensive survey of the old lighting system. The purpose was to …
    • Identify non-working panels and circuits
    • Locate panels and provide each one with a GPS reading
    • Note any visible corrosion on panels
    • Evaluate condition of circuit wiring
    • Evaluate condition of the panel feeders
    • Identify missing wiring (due to theft)
    • Document condition of raceways and handholes
    • Identify foundations with missing poles and evaluate foundation condition
    • Evaluate condition of poles and note any corrosion
    • List all foundations requiring repair
    • Document age / condition of fixtures
  • Replacing missing fixtures and repairing and/or replacing circuits and panels in the worse areas was the top priority. Then the focus moved to replacing existing median and ramp fixtures.
  • Year two D&C focused on replacing median and ramp fixtures, high mast fixtures and finally tunnel fixtures.
  • Installed 5,961 new mainline and ramp fixtures, 2,480 high mast fixtures, 2,665 tunnel fixtures, 269 underpass fixtures and 337 poles. 205 damaged circuits were repaired, and 205 time clocks and 9 tunnel controllers were installed.
  • D&C was completed in August 2017. The system is now fully operational and will be fully maintained through the remaining 13 years of the current FLP/MDOT contract until August 2030.