Operations and Maintenance Details

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Works starts November 24, 2015. The D&C Contractor Aldridge Electric (Aldridge) is dually responsible for both the Design & Construction (D&C) Works and also the (O&M) Works to the existing infrastructure, as well as the new infrastructure till the end of the second year period of the 15 year Term August 2017 (Substantial Completion). August 2017 the O&M Contractor Engie Services (Engie) will assume responsibility from Aldridge for the O&M Works for the duration of the 13 year Term providing the operation and maintenance needed to keep the Improved Freeway lighting System operating in accordance with the performance levels specified for the project. This includes preventative maintenance and lifecycle renovations as planned.

Operations and Maintenance Approach

Freeway Lighting Partners (FLP) approach to O&M will be built from the extensive survey and design Works being conducted during the first and second year Term of D&C, O&M phases. At the conclusion of the construction period, the system will be operational and will then continue to be fully maintained thru the remaining O&M 13 year Term.

For additional information on D&C and O&M Construction phase please see our PROJECTS DETAIL link "Construction"

O&M during Capital Improvements

Beginning with Commercial and Financial Close, Engie will coordinate support teams that will assist in the set-up of data collection systems to be used by the FLP D&C team during the due diligence phase of the project. These tasks will include the initial set up of QFM Maintenance Management solution (QFM), which will provide all of the functionality required to deliver the Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) as defined by Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). This approach offers efficiency by utilizing the construction team to acquire the initial data required to set up the MMIS.

FLP’s O&M Manager will oversee support services as required during the construction phase to ensure all O&M requirements are delivered including set up of the call center, call dispatch protocols and establishing communication protocols with the MDOT Representative and Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC). An O&M Coordinator will monitor and assist with the data collection and population of the MMIS and will establish work plans and scheduling of maintenance activities for system elements as they are uploaded into the MMIS. FLP will conduct a detailed survey of the project site after Commercial and Financial close and before construction commencement to create a list of existing defects that will be remedied during the D&C phase. The results of this initial survey will be documented in the MMIS.

O&M Transition

All Capital Improvements will be fully documented both on our design drawings and in the MMIS which will be utilized by our O&M team during the full O&M term.

Engie, the O&M contractor, has had complete input into the design and construction of the improved lighting system so as to provide for a smooth and cost effective transition from construction to the ongoing O&M phase.

During the D&C phase, Engie will be on site developing its O&M plans and procedures. Aldridge and Engie will jointly populate the MMIS with the as-built information of the improved system as well as data on the existing system elements. During the D&C phase, Aldridge will maintain the improved lighting system under Engie’s direction. Engie and its subcontractor, Motor City Electric (MCE), will be responsible for maintenance of the existing lighting system. At the end of the D&C phase, Engie will assume the maintenance responsibility for the entire lighting system.

Aldridge will produce approved typical drawings for all types of work required to be performed and then add references on these drawings to the existing MDOT Metro Region Lighting Inventory drawings with any changes and/or additions that were performed during the 2 year D&C term. As these drawings become complete, they will serve as the As-built Construction Drawings to be delivered to Engie as part of the D&C Works Construction Documents.

Transitioning the operations from the existing to the new operations will be led by the O&M Manager who will coordinate with the MDOT Representative to obtain all available system information and data that will be required for input into the MMIS and additional drawings and data that will be updated during the Construction Phase and the Operations Phase. Coordination meetings will be held during that critical time between Financial Close and the start of construction to ensure all required plans, protocols and procedures are in place and approved before any actual field work starts.

Engie will set up their office within MCE offices colocating with the Project Company (Project Office) the design and construction team (Aldridge). This approach will ensure quick and efficient transfer of information, facilitate regular project meetings and provide a team approach to the project that will continue to integrate design, construction and operations activities.

During the Construction phase, Engie will provide all administrative O&M services in support of the construction team including:

• Initial set up, updating and performance monitoring within the MMIS
    • Develop and begin providing quarterly reports to MDOT
    • Establish the Help Desk
    • Establish and maintain communications with MDOT
    • Finalize and update maintenance plan as required

    Engie will coordinate all D&C O&M work with Aldridge who will execute the field work for maintenance and repairs to the system. This approach has been taken to make the most efficient use of field resources assigned to the project while coordinating repairs to achieve the highest possible overall system performance during the D&C term. This approach also ensures that all field work is coordinated and delivered through one team. This will provide a safe and efficient environment.

    During the D&C Term, Aldridge will provide regular updates on equipment information installed for updating in the MMIS. The information will include GPS coordinates for the system element, make and model number, performance specifications including power consumption, maintenance and lifecycle requirements and date of installation for warranty tracking purposes. This will be undertaken by the Maintenance Coordinator who will work closely with the Construction Manager to ensure the integrity of data within the MMIS for reporting and analysis throughout the term.

    Transitioning from the Construction phase to the O&M phase will be seamless as Engie will be using MCE as their subcontractor for all field work execution. MCE is also a subcontractor of Aldridge during the construction phase so the transition will be well coordinated, undertaken by resources who have been working together for at least two years. FLP believes that this strategy minimizes and mitigates many project risks related to the transition into year three of the agreement. MDOT can be assured that once the operation is up and running after financial close, there will be no major transitions risks.

    By the end of the D&C phase, all system improvements will be fully documented and recorded in the MMIS, drawings will be transferred from the D&C Team to the O&M Team and detailed operating parameters will be fully detailed in a reference document that will be part of the operating plan for the MDOT Metro Region Freeway Lighting System.

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