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Project Overview Operations and Maintenance

Project Phase Two: Operations and Maintenance
The Highlights
  • The public can report outages and other problems in the system by contacting the FLP Lights Out Call Center by phone at +1 313-309-7133 or through the website.
  • The Lights Out Call Center is the key public-facing element of FLP’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) strategy for keep the system safe and in good working order.
The Details
  • FLP will be fully responsible for operations and maintenance (O&M) of the installed lighting system under the P3 contract. This phase of the project began in August 2017 and will extend through August 2030 under the current contract. This includes preventative maintenance and lifecycle renovations.
  • FLP conducted an extensive data collection survey during the first phase of the project. This information includes GPS coordinates, make and model numbers, dates of installation, performance specifications and other data for all elements of the system.
  • This information will be used to make the most efficient use of field resources and coordinate repairs to achieve the highest possible overall system performance. It also ensures that all field work is seamlessly coordinated and delivered through one team to maximize both safety and efficiency.
  • During O&M, FLP will coordinate fully with MDOT to ensure that the new system is aligned with the overall operating plan for the MDOT Metro Region Freeway Lighting System.