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Project Team Who are the P3 partners?

The Highlights
  • The public-sector partner in the P3 is the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).
  • The private-sector companies are Star America Fund GP LLC (Star America), Aldridge Electric, Inc. (Aldridge), WSP (formerly Parsons Brinckerhoff), Engie Services Group (Engie), and Motor City Electric (MCO).
The Details
Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
  • MDOT is the procuring authority and is responsible for Michigan’s 9,655‐mile state highway system, comprised of all M, I, and US routes. MDOT also administers other state and federal transportation programs for aviation, intercity passenger services, rail freight, local public transit services, the Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF), and others.
Star America Fund GP LLC (Star America)
  • Star America has set up Freeway Lighting Partners, LLC (FLP) which has a direct contractual relationship with MDOT through a Project Agreement and is the main point of contact. Freeway Lighting Partners, LLC is the Project Company/Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for this project.
  • Star America provided equity investment and raises debt financing for the freeway lighting project. It also has overall project management responsibilities to Design Build Finance Operations Maintenance (DBFOM) of the system and provide contract oversight to both the Design Build (DB) contractor and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contractor.
  • Star America Infrastructure Partners is an independent U.S. headquartered developer and manager of greenfield infrastructure assets in North America. Star America focuses on partnering with states and public agencies to deliver infrastructure projects across the transportation, social and environmental sectors. Star America’s track record includes long-term concessions or leases for public use infrastructure assets valued at approximately $5 billion. Star America’s mission is to become the preferred partner of states and public agencies in rebuilding America’s infrastructure.
Aldridge Electric, Inc. (Aldridge)
  • Aldridge reports directly to Freeway Lighting Partners Star America, the Project Company.
  • Aldridge Electric, Inc. is the Design and Construction (D&C) contractor and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) local partner for the project. They are responsible for the fixed-price, date-certain Design Build agreement and performance of O&M services during or after the D&C period. Aldridge Electric, Inc. reports directly to Freeway Lighting Partners Star America, the Project Company.
  • With nearly $500M in annual revenue and over 62 years of experience completing transportation projects, Aldridge Electric, Inc. is a leading electrical contractor. The Company has provided construction services to install and maintain traffic and lighting systems for various state, county, and municipal agencies.
  • Aldridge Electric, Inc.’s extensive experience with highway lighting programs includes 10 years of managing the Electrical Maintenance Contract for IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) District 1. During these contracts Aldridge Electric, Inc. was completely responsible for the functionality of electrical components at 2,300 traffic intersections, 28,500 lighting units of various types, 50 pumping stations, and numerous changeable message signs and cameras.
  • In 2013 Aldridge Electric, Inc. was engaged in a project to demolish and reconstruct the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line in a 10‐mile‐long stretch of the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway in 5 months. Aldridge Electric, Inc. had to closely coordinate with the general contractor, multiple agencies and stakeholders including the Chicago Transit Authority, as the owner, as well as IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) and CDOT (Chicago Department of Transportation). Frequent meetings and planning sessions were necessary between Aldridge Electric, Inc., the Construction Manager, and numerous second tier design firms to deliver a successful project.
WSP (formerly known as Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.)
  • WSP has been in existence for over 125 years and has been incorporated and fully licensed to operate in the state of Michigan since 1978.
  • Over the years, WSP has been providing consultant services to MDOT on a variety of projects including large complex highway projects, design build projects, and other transportation and infrastructure related projects.
  • WSP lighting professionals specialize in new and rehab services for roadway/street, bridges, and tunneling lighting. These services include: inspection, analysis, 3D modeling, photo simulations, and design.
Engie Services Group (Engie)
  • Engie reports directly to Freeway Lighting Partners Star America, the Project Company.
  • Engie is responsible for performance of the O&M agreement and for asset management during the term of the project. Engie reports directly to Freeway Lighting Partners Star America, the Project Company.
  • Engie has provided operations, maintenance and lifecycle services for 650 public lighting systems in France alone and provides similar services across Europe for municipalities and highway authorities.
  • One of the very first P3 lighting projects was delivered by Engie for the town of Beaune, France through a P3 model. In Bougival, France Engie operates and maintains 100% of the City's public lighting network.
  • Engie has delivered P3 highway and municipal lighting projects participating in a variety of roles including developer, equity provider, design‐build contractor and O&M provider. In some jurisdictions, Engie also negotiates the supply of electricity through sister divisions of GDF Suez, its parent company.
  • Engie is the O&M provider for over 75 P3 projects operating today. Engie provides asset maintenance and lifecycle asset renewal services on most of its managed public lighting contracts. Engie has delivered services in the P3 model where integrated asset maintenance and renewal plans were prepared in collaboration with design-build partners. Based on historical asset life estimates, manufacturer's maintenance and asset life data, these plans are effectively executed within these projects.
Motor City Electric Co. (MCE)
  • Motor City Electric Co. has been headquartered in Detroit since 1952 and has grown to become one of the largest full-service electrical contractors in the country.
  • MCE was selected by Freeway Lighting Partners and Aldridge Electric Co. as the installation contractor for reconstruction of the MDOT Metro Detroit Freeway Lighting System.
  • In addition to the reconstruction, MCE was selected by FLP to perform routine maintenance and repairs of the upgraded Freeway Lighting System for the duration of the contract.
  • MCE has successfully completed over $100 million in MDOT work in the past 10 years. We are committed to improving and maintaining our community’s freeway lighting to enhance motorist visibility and improve traffic safety.